Stitched: A Novel Fifth Anniversary Edition Now Available!

Based in Casa Grande, Arizona, Stitched: A Novel follows a young man with a dream and a genuine heart. Unfortunately, heartbreak and loss has hardened him, and he chooses to live in the maintenance barn at Pecan Hill Golf Club. 

When the new GM takes over the operation of Pecan Hill, Thomas is encouraged to open his heart, as it may be his only way to pursue his dream of playing golf professionally.

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Reviews of Stitched – A Novel

I loved it. Even as a non golfer, the story was great and the characters were beautifully written. The story grabbed me from the start and kept me engaged the whole way through.

Jen Shaw

This novel captivated my attention and took me into the interesting journey of Thomas Grier. I truly loved reading every page and highly recommend this novel for a relaxing summer and fall time read!


Enjoyable read for golfers and non gofers alike

Uplifting story that highlights the importance of the support of others in following your dreams

Michael O’Keane